Bee on clover 1 linocut

I thought that I would try a small piece of Softcut printing block, an alternative to lino that should be easier to cut.

It feels rather greasy to touch. I found it more difficult to draw on with pencil. When cutting, although it was easier to get the blade through it, the piece cut had to be cut off and if I forgot, it settled back down flush with the uncut surface so it was difficult to see where it was.

I don’t think this has worked, although I will try printing it on a few spare bits of paper, just to see how it looks.

Why did it not work?

  • I think that what I was trying to do was too complex for the size of the block.
  • My current level of experience in this medium.
  • I forgot to mirror the image.
  • The shape of the bee was not clear enough to read as ‘bee.’

I don’t think I like Softcut as a material. I have another small piece of it and am wondering what to try on it… bee on part of a buddleia bloom?

PS I cut a little more to try to bring out the bee a little more, and tried printing it to see what the texture was like.

Bee on clover 1 lino print by Janet E Davis

Bee on clover 1 lino print


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