Cockerel I

There are a number of cockerels of different breeds (and at least one that looks like a patchwork of at least three breeds) at Ouseburn Farm in Newcastle upon Tyne. The footpath goes past the chickens’ enclosures so I pause for a chat when I go for a walk. There has been a particular group of young chickens that have tended to rush over and hop up onto the rail to look at me eye to eye. On a recent visit, every single chicken ran over to greet me. I have no idea why. I have never fed them. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were pleased to see me.

I had tried the drawing of the cockerel a couple of times, and had become rather exasperated with myself for not getting it as I wanted it at the first try because I have been looking at the cockerels and thinking about this linocut for months.

After I had redrawn and adjust the drawing a couple of times, I decided to start cutting into the lino. I got to the first stage of cutting and doing the first rubbings faster than I expected (about a couple of hours, after two or three hours of drawing and looking on other days). There is more work to do but the question is: what?


I think I decided what more work to do.

I realised a little too late that I had no watercolour paper left to print this on, so will try it on letter-writing paper.


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