Old unfinished railway paintings 1

I love travelling by trains.*

These two unfinished small oil paintings are from 2008, I think. They weren’t working, and I was probably quite ill when I was painting them, struggling a bit to make steady brushstrokes.

I could see trains from my very first bedroom: steam trains chugging between Lime Street Station and the southern areas of Liverpool. I’m not the least bit train-spotter-y about trains but a steam locomotive still makes me smile, and I enjoy occasional visits to the National Railway Museum.

I’ve travelled on the East Coast Mainline quite a lot for longer than I care to admit. It was the majority of my route between college and my parents’ home when I was an undergraduate. It was my gateway to work trips to the North when I was based in London, and my route to meetings when my workplace relocated to the North East. I particularly like Intercity trips when the seat is comfortable and fellow passengers are nice.

So far, I’ve used the East Coast Mainline most frequently during a period when my workplace was based in York. I spent a lot of time waiting on platforms at York. I wonder if the other long distance commuters ever noticed that I was no longer there? If they did, maybe they just were glad that there was one less to compete against for a seat.

I haven’t travelled on a train for ages and miss them so much. I think I have probably lost video I used to take through train windows when my laptop crashed. I have never worked at how to use the train travel videos in an artwork (it’s low quality, impressionistic video) but knew that it would become obvious one day. I would love to be an artist-in-residence on British railways.

If I ever have money to spare again, I might go on railway journeys just to gather material for making art.

*except when they’re overcrowded, full of very drunk people, smelly, or break down/are otherwise delayed for a long time.


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