Pear, satsuma and scarf

I was going to do this in acrylics on primed paper but I had run out of the larger pieces of primed paper so decided it was time to return to canvas.

I’m not sure if the orange fruit is a type of satsuma, tangerine, or mandarin – they just call it “Easy peeler” in the supermarket – but I liked the alliteration of ‘satsuma’ and ‘scarf.’ It’s useful to photograph it at the different stages because it looks different when seen from the distance of a photograph, and can be easier to see what I’ve missed when my nose is inches from the canvas, and what I need to do next. It looks rather dull with the red added but there are more colours to go on, and the pear is only washed in with some undercolour at this stage in the photo above.

Up to this point, I was mostly listening (and singing along) to Arctic Monkeys (mostly tracks from the AM album) and David Bowie (some tracks from The Next Day, especially Love is Lost, and two versions of Hallo Spaceboy). I fast-forwarded through The Doves.

Between the last photo above and the second picture below, I was mostly listening to Iggy Pop. I’m not at all sure that this one is working. The pink was more translucent than I expected. I had to go over it about three times. I have more work to do on the pear, satsuma and plate…

A day later…

There has been a lot more work on this than is probably evident. I think it might be finished, and I don’t think it has worked… I will review it in daylight – and work out what to put in my next still life.

Janet E Davis, Still life - pear, satsuma and scarf stage 6, acrylics on canvas, February 2014.

Janet E Davis, Still life – pear, satsuma and scarf stage 6, acrylics on canvas, February 2014.



3 thoughts on “Pear, satsuma and scarf

    1. janetedavisart Post author

      I’m delighted that you like it, Kate, but I think the red is looking a little warmer (so better) in the photo because I took the photo in artificial light – though the camera flash should have offset the lamp’s warmer light…

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