One and a half lemons and a pepper

I struggled a bit to get started on this one, by which I mean it took over a day to decide what to put in the composition. I decided to take a slightly different and, hopefully, bolder approach. Since I had accidentally got a much brighter (somewhat fluorescent) pink than I had consciously intended, it had occurred to me before that to try putting such bright colours into traditional still life.

I am undecided about whether to put in shadows on and thrown by the three-dimensional objects. The pink is difficult because it’s quite translucent so the colour is uneven at present.

The large area of pale green is not the right colour. I may have to get more paint in order to get the right hue and tone for that area since I don’t think I can mix it from the colours I have. The colours in the third picture below are a little too yellow because it was photographed in artificial light.

The pale green wasn’t the right hue, so I tried again (see last one above and first one below). It still is not quite the right colour. I think that I may not be able to mix it from the colours I have. I hesitated for a while on what to do with this area. I concentrated on the patterned area at the top for a while.

Then I made a decision on what colour to try for the lines indicating folds and creases in the pale green area. I had originally thought that I would use a pale blue but realised I needed slightly more contrast so decided on a pale lilac that contains some of the bright pink. The pale green still is not the right hue but I think I will need to leave it as it is (not least because I’m fast running out of white so do not want to use it all up in trying to mix another batch of pale green that fails to work).

The bright pink continues to prove difficult, due to its translucency. There are at least 3 layers of it in most areas at this stage. I’m tempted to add lines across the whole lemon but might leave it this time and try that another time. There is still some more to do in the patterned area at the top, but the main work left to do is on the pale green area.

A day later…

I have simplified the pattern on the green scarf, and tried not to worry overmuch about making the pattern exact since on the actual scarf it isn’t exact. I carried on and did some more after the second photo below, but it was too dark to capture the colours accurately at the point I finished for the day. I need daylight to check it, but I think I just have to add a little to two areas of yellow.

I’m beginning to think about what to put in the next painting after this…

The morning after…

I photographed the stage I got to last night and added it to the above set. Then I tidied up some areas of white, and added some more yellow to the lemons and pepper. The final version is below. Now I really do have to decide what goes into the next still life. I could do with some other interestingly patterned fabrics. And more paint – I definitely need more paint!

Janet E Davis, One and a half lemons and a pepper, acrylics on canvas, March 2014.

Janet E Davis, One and a half lemons and a pepper, acrylics on canvas, March 2014.


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