Ouseburn Community Art project week 2

Spine of first workbook for the project.

Spine of first workbook for the project.

We filled in learning plans at the beginning of the week 2 session. I have never done one of those before so that was another new experience. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought much about what I might learn as I entered a learning situation. I’ve just aimed at learning as much as possible previously.

Theresa led us on a trip to Ouseburn Trust (a short walk a little way up the hill) where Lesley told us all about the Trust and the heritage resources there. She gave us some booklets with lots of pictures about Newcastle history and, more specifically, about Ouseburn’s history. We were able to keep some of them, which should provide some useful reference material.

When we returned to Ouseburn Farm, Theresa showed us how to do a pamphlet stitch so we could all stitch the first of our project workbooks. I was rather annoyed with myself for not managing to put the holes exactly into the crease of the fold, and then not pulling my stitching tight enough before tying it (see above). I’ll try to do it better next time.

Jelly moulds made by the Maling pottery.

Jelly moulds made at the Ford Potteries, owned by the Malings.

Theresa had brought some pictures along to draw or trace from if we wished. The photocopy of part of a catalogue or advertising for jelly moulds made by the local Maling pottery caught my eye.

Most of the group at this session had had to leave before we tried some printing last time. I thought I should concentrate in what was left of this session on preparing something for the next, and leave a bit more space and time for the others to try the printing. I’m not sure that I like my tracing, but I’ll finish it and then have a think about it. I have a fondness for jelly moulds. My gran had one something like the one in the top row on the right, and one in the shape of a rabbit in which she tended to make blancmange for us (I liked the vanilla or chocolate flavours best).

Partly-traced set of drawings of jelly moulds.

Partly-traced set of drawings of jelly moulds.

Before this session, and after, I had been thinking about all the different things that could inspire art about Ouseburn. I am keen to make work that has a sense of this rather special place, perhaps from both past and present.

I’ve started to stick things in and on my workbook. Next I need to draw an old locomotive, or maybe two…


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