The Surfer series

I had been thinking for a few years that I would make photo-lithographs from some of my photographs of surfers, but after doing a course in it I was less sure they would work so well. Then the theme for the Northern Print Christmas show was announced and the word ‘sea’ was included so, after a brief dalliance with the idea of a starfish in a rockpool, I returned to the surfers.

I spent quite a lot of time watching the surfers and even more time watching the sea. I tried to understand how they surfed, to anticipate which waves would grow into a surfable wave so that I could be in the right place at the right time to try to capture it. The movements of the waves and of the surfers fascinate me.

I don’t swim, let alone surf, but I rather envy those who can. I admire the agility and strength of those who can stay on their boards, and their apparent lack of fear of the sea. The power of the sea always scares me a little. It is a place that is “other,” with alien creatures, and the surfers become temporary aliens, dark shapes bobbing about, watching for the next wave.


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