The running dogs series

The black dogs running

There is a deliberate ambiguity about these images. Movement and the potential for movement interests me.

I went through a period of walking on the beach frequently, quite often in the evening after the charging period for parking ended (the local authority lengthened it to 8pm so I can no longer afford to go regularly). From autumn to spring, people can take their dogs on the beach. The sheer joy and the power of the energy released by many of the dogs on the beach is fascinating to watch, and a challenge to capture in an image.

At the coast, there is also an ambiguity about what is sky and what is land, what is water and what is solid. This seemed emphasised at the edge where sea and land meet by dark dogs running so fast over wet sand that their paws seemed scarcely to touch the surface.

I want to develop these black dogs running a bit further and am considering how.

White dogs running

I don’t feel that these have worked. I like the cliff and rocks in one and the wall in the other, but I the white dogs don’t work in depicting depicting joyous energy. I probably won’t print from these again.


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