Northern Print Christmas show

One of my surfer prints in the Northern Print Christmas show 2014.

One of my surfer prints in the Northern Print Christmas show 2014.

This is the first time I’ve seen one of my prints framed, and the first time I’ve exhibited a print at Northern Print. It’s one of many prints by lots of artists at the Christmas show by Northern Print’s members: ‘If all the world were paper and all the sea were ink.’

My print is a drypoint, printed with ultramarine blue ink. It’s based on a photograph I took a few years ago at a surf competition off Longsands in Tynemouth. But go to see everyone else’s prints – they’re better than mine – and I was impressed by the variety of subjects and styles. If you can get to Newcastle, do visit Northern Print. They have an online shop but there are even more lovely prints and things in the actual shop. They do say that if you see anything you’d like to buy (eg in their photos of the current exhibition), just contact them to ask about it.

It feels like ages ago since I made the plate for this surfer print. I’m currently working on another carousel picture in the fairground series but I’m going to experiment with creating a drypoint print in at least 3 colours – which means at least 3 different plates. It’s a lot of work and I begin to wonder whether another printing method would be easier, but I want to see if it works and how it looks.


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