Viscosity printing running dogs

I finally managed to spend a whole day in the Northern Print studio again. Helen told me it was time I started pressing my prints flat rather than just leave them to curl and cockle on the drying rack. There are now a number of fairground prints being pressed between boards with weights on top. The viscosity prints didn’t turn out as I had envisaged. The bottom layer of ink was black, the middle layer a mix of yellow ochre with opaque white and extender, the top a mix of a deep pink/pinky-red of which I can’t remember the name, ultramarine blue, opaque white and extender.

Since the dog plates were plastic, I thought I would try one of the card plates again so decided to print the other Maling jug and bowl. I did it in too much hurry since it was the end of the day. The first print went wrong because I rolled the ink too thickly – but it’s useful to learn what happens when I do that. I shall now think before having another day of trying viscosity printing.


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