Drypoint – Mannequin 1

I’m taking part in the 20:20 print exchange this year as one of the Northern Print members. I need to make an edition of 25 prints on paper 20 x 20cms. This is my first proper attempt to produce a drypoint edition. It seems an incredibly difficult task to me at present. The first problem is to decide on the subject. I thought I would try first an image that I’ve been considering turning into a print or painting for quite a while.

I realised as soon as I’d inked up the plate for the first time that I would need to do a second plate because the edge and a few lines weren’t quite right but it was worth making a few prints and working out some of the issues. It doesn’t show much in these snaps but I softened the black with extender for all but the last print. The red in most of them is a mix of crimson and yellow with extender and oil. One is in crimson with extender and oil.

Whether this is the right image for 20:20, I’m not at all sure yet, even with a better plate.


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