Life drawing 23rd July 2015

I always have an apprehensive feeling that I will have forgotten totally how to draw a human each time I do some life drawing, and especially when I haven’t done any for a while.This was the first time for a few years.

Whilst I was drawing, I felt that what I was doing was wholly inadequate. Immediately afterwards, I worried that all my drawings were dreadful (and thought everyone else’s were brilliant). I forgot to note on all but one of them the amount of time for the pose, but we started with a few 2-minute poses, had a few 10-minute poses, and a couple were 15 minutes + 1 for 20 minutes, I think. I used tinted charcoal pencils, and a very little Conté stick and Pitt pencil in black on one or two.

I was particularly struck by Martin Gollan‘s large paintings: strong, lively and colourful (hopefully, he might share them online). Margaret, the model, was great.



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