Drypoint mannequins 1 to 3

It was with some relief and satisfaction that I completed and handed in my first proper edition this week. It was for the 20:20 Print Exchange organised by Hot Bed Press, and I was rather anxious to get it right for my first participation in a print exchange. Our studio, Northern Print, exchanges prints with lots of other studios around the country. The studios get prints to sell for a very reasonable price to help support the studio, and the artists participating each get a box of prints by others to keep. The prints are 20 x 20cms and each printmaker produces an edition of 25.

It was interesting to look back at all 3 plates I’d produced in the process. The first plate sat awkwardly in the square, and the face of the main mannequin was awful. I also realised that the red would be quite difficult to match on each prints because I’d have to mix it 2 or 3 times, and it was a mix of crimson, yellow and extender. I tried the crimson mixed with extender.

I had a think. I have seen quite a lot of photos that are black and white with one red thing in it, and felt that there was a danger that this print would remind me of those.

I made a new plate that was a little smaller and a slightly squarer rectangle. I tried yellow and felt it worked much better – but it was clear that the face of the mannequin was not right again.

Plate 3 needed some work on it after the first couple of prints and, although not absolutely perfect, I thought it worked much better. The yellow is translucent enough. At some stage, I might try the mannequin at a different scale and using a different print method.


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