Life studies and a dog running

A long day in the studio (after a frustrating one the day before), when the press was quite cooperative and the company was good so I kept going into the evening.

The colour is a bit awry in these snaps taken in artificial light, and the snaps were taken as soon as I had lifted the paper off the plate so dampness in the paper is clearly visible at times when my paper was a little too wet.

I decided to give the standing man pinky-purple hands and feet because I remember them as turning a reddish-purple. I happened to have Nick Cave singing Red Right Hand on my iPod Shuffle so I just had to try one hand as red. I decided to add some lines to his face to suggest swollen eyes, as if he’d been in a fight. I thought I’d try brushing on some black to suggest the darkness gathering around the man with the red right hand, but I’m not at all sure it worked.

I don’t expect people to like these but I felt a need to do them, rather like them, and might do a few more eventually.

I tried making a bigger version of one of the black dogs  running and brushing on some colour. It hasn’t really worked. I may have to rethink that.


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