Sketch Crawl North East 24th October 2015

Trying out new pens.

This was the first time I’d joined a Sketch Crawl North East though I did look for them previously when they were in Tynemouth  and I knew I couldn’t get there for the start (thought I’d missed them but they’d retreated to a cafe because it was too cold). I recognised the work of one of the artists as I was approaching the Great North Museum (aka the Hancock) which made it easy to identify him.

Two of us found another of our group on a bench inside and joined him there since there was plenty to draw from that viewpoint and it was a busy afternoon so seating was a luxury. It was great to see so many children including toddlers enjoying the museum.

I decided to try the new grey range of artists pens I’d bought the previous day.

I started with the elephant since it’s grey. I got the lines of the shading on one of the legs wrong. Tried the giraffe head and bit of neck peeking down from a big box that indicated the height of the rest of its neck, body and legs.

I took some photos for reference, in case I wanted to do more with that view later.

Then I went for a wander to see if I could find another usefully situated bench. I found a shark’s jaws glistening with “pretty teeth, pearly white” in a drawer, and some fossils that could become part of a print in the future.

Next I ended up getting lost in history – including my own as I wandered around the exhibits connected with Hadrian’s Wall sites I was involved with managing many years ago.


I ended up doing a lot of thinking and taking photos rather than sketching. I do intend to go back to do a lot more sketching. We went off to find sandwiches and coffee since most of us hadn’t had lunch, and had a look at each other’s sketches. Everyone had done very different styles of work (I thought the others had produced better sketches than I had). Have a look at the Sketch Crawl North East Facebook page.



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