Pear with geometric tablecloth and spotted mug

I decided to get back into painting with a still life. The tablecloth is one I’ve had for many years and came from my parents’ originally. I think it may date back to the 1960s. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have it.

The plate is probably from the 1930s, and I bought at a junk shop or charity jumble sale in Ruislip in the late 1980s. They remind me vaguely of visiting older relatives when I was a small child.

The pear is because I’m going through a phase of eating pears and I like their shapes. We have lost many varieties of pears because only a limited number are considered commercially viable. We had a conference pear tree in our first garden. When I was in my teens, there was an apples and pears outlet near where we lived which sold apples and pears grown locally. There weren’t many varieties of pears even then but I remember the russet apples being full of flavour, unlike the shop-bought ones I’ve tried in recent years.

Geometric tablecloth pear mug  - 7a final(Pictures mostly taken by artificial light so white shows as yellowish).




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