Flower and still life paintings

Recent work

I wanted to put colour on a surface. I hadn’t painted for 5 years and had painter’s block which I started to break through by drawing with oil pastels. This was such hard work, I thought it was worth trying acrylic on primed paper. I chose still life as the subject because it can be colourful and a neutral sort of subject.

I didn’t think I liked acrylic paint, so I had to paint more still life paintings in acrylic to start getting used to the feel of the paint. Then I ran out of large pieces of primed paper, so painted one on canvas (Pear, satsuma and scarf).

I decided to focus on pattern, colour, and playing with picture planes for a while. I have been looking at a lot of street art in the past 5 years and thinking about the conventions of 3D and 2D representations and the crossover with graphic art, including the influence of comics and, through them, the link back to Japanese prints and artists such as Van Gogh. I needed to explore whether trying to represent the 3D still life as a flat image in strong colours and on a modest, domesticated scale would work as fine art; and how close it could go towards the visual conventions of a image used in applied art or commercial art (advertising, packaging graphics).

View older flower and still life paintings

Most of the paintings on these page are for sale. If you are interested, please contact me.


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