Links to other artists

I have just started adding links so there are lots more yet to be added.

Janet Davis

Another, different Janet Davis who is based at Norton’s Cove Studio in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, and whose work is based on the ocean and coast. If I were on the Atlantic stretches of UK coastline, we could put together a virtual exhibition of Atlantic coastlines from opposite sides by Janet Davises.

Theresa Easton

Theresa Easton [] is a Newcastle-based artist whose work I admire. She also holds workshops in printing and book-binding.

Lucy Farfort

Lucy Farfort is an illustrator and maker whose work I enjoy seeing. I keep thinking that her style would work very well in series of children’s books.

Martin Gollan

Martin Gollan is an artist based in North East England who is from and studied in Scotland. I enjoy seeing how his work is developing, and the opportunity to chat with him about art now and then.

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell art [] and see more of how he develops his ideas and work in his blog Ian Mitchell Linescapes []. Ian’s sophisticated landscapes focus the eye on the shape of the land and structures (I particularly like the bridges), capturing a sense of the specific place. He is also an excellent and very experienced graphic designer.

Stef Mitchell

Stef Mitchell Field and Hedgerow  [] – this is Stef’s blog focusing on her prints, keepsakes and courses inspired by the natural environment. Her love of countryside comes through clearly in her prints.

Stef and Ian Mitchell take art on the road in their vintage caravan. Like their Touring Caravan Gallery Facebook page for news of where it will be next [].

Georgia Peskett

Georgia Peskett [] – Georgia’s urban landscape paintings remind me of the kind of views that I appreciate in cities.

Narbi Price

Narbi Price [] is a North East artist, born in Hartlepool and now based in Newcastle upon Tyne, who paints the kind of spaces that I like to photograph. He paints places that often look as if they could be almost anywhere but are clearly very specific.

Rhea Sherriff-Hammond

The beautiful pictures by Rhea Sherriff-Hammond [] can have a disturbing edge that keeps me looking and thinking.


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